Posted on Feb 19, 2019

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Oklahoma City's Centennial Land Run monument is located at the south end of the Bricktown Canal.

On April 22, 1889, a day of the First Land Run saw an estimated 50,000 people rush to claim the unassigned lands of Oklahoma to claim their territories of vast free lands.

There was total chaos after the cannon shot at noon. The mad dash saw people crushed by falling wagons as fights for the best lands ensued.

All of this activity is represented by a great set of statues that are intricately detailed and leaves nothing to the imagination.

For instance, one of favorites to marvel at is a particular statue that has one man falling off his horse heading for an inevitable face plant as his horse falters.

If you'd like to read more about the Centennial Land Run Monument in Oklahoma City click on the "Learn More" button below.

The Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument
200 Centennial Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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